Five Accessories That Complements Any Outfit

Hey There Everyone,

Accessorizing is very important to help pull your look and bring in your personality, to let it shine through and to complement your outfit. Would you rather spend your money on other things but still would like to have a fashionable look? If you do, just look into your accessory wardrobe,  highly versatile items, and mix and match virtually any to an outfit you own.

1.) Interchangeable Necklaces: You want to start with a simple base necklace, adding chains as wanted to get the diffrent the look; Loops, braids, bands, baubles or beads are awesome for that too, making you transform your look from casual to the business look or carefree, as i like to call. That will show your own fashion independence. you can change the lengths and your styles by adding or removing anything you like easily.

2.) Belts: Every woman needs one of these belts, their great to have. Adding different colours and styles will make them look great to choose your combination get two predominant color schemes, making sure they’re matching with your outfit. Also looking for a belt with an inch of width of around usually lends itself gracefully, girly and very cute.

3.) Scarves: They are great, it doesnt matter what you can do with them, you can encapsulating your hair, or neck or as a light shawl, nomatter what, they will look wonderful. I think everyone deserves one really good scarf and silk is always the way to go.

4.) Bracelets: MY FAVORITE!! More you have them, better it is. You can find so many different types; silver or gold bracelet, sparkly or simple, they all will speak to you and your personality.  My favorite is the sparkles for sure, something not over the top but loads of sparkles to let that girly girl shine out, you can either wear it with your jeans, sandals or high heels to a night out. I think your bracelets should be the(a) signature to your look and your personality.

5.) Earrings: When you look for a pair of earrings you should go with the ones with versatility, it always gives you lots of options, making everything easy. If you’re going for a nice hoop, small or bigger depends on you and your personality and what you think goes good with your look. 🙂

There are 5 accessories I think you should always have to mix and match to your mood of that day and personality. I truly hope that I’ve helped you on possibly thinking and bring some of what I have told you into your next outfit!!

Good luck and I’ll bet you’ll look great!!! Until next time!!



3 Comentários (+adicionar seu?)

  1. Edita Lozovska
    nov 24, 2011 @ 03:08:47

    I soooo agree with everything you have here. Accessories are key to a chic outfit! Adore your blog.
    PS. Love the colours in the first photograph! 🙂 xx


  2. jeswells
    nov 26, 2011 @ 20:25:06

    haha well thanx! I do agree with you ! they can make or break your outfit. awee thanx im glad you like doll. 🙂 your so sweet. xx.
    haha spell check. lol.


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