The glow like a Victoria`s Secret Angel.

Hey Everyone,

I know the Victoria`s Secret runway show (Christmas special) will be airing soon, sometime in december.  So this is why I have thought to do my topic (post) about their beautiful skin. I would love to have their flawless looking skin. If you also want or love to have the emaculent, sun-kissed skin like they do at this time or year then this post is for you!

We all know that winter is now here and its very hard to get your vitamin D and the beautiful summer tan glow with all the .. Rain, snow, overcast and with it also getting dark so early, unless going the tanning beds everyday that’s causing you way more harm to you and your skin in the long run of your future.  I have some helpful, harmless, items that I thought you should checkout at the nearest store by you and have that summer Victoria`s Sceret glow all winter and feel sexy like a Victoria`s Angel.  Also a BONUS it would be cheaper than all the tanning packages and expensive lotions on top !

So again I hope that I could help you out and save you some money, health, and be able to give you that sexy glow almost every women want and to make boy`s heads turn.

To you and your sun-kissed  future. 🙂  Try it and let me know how it makes you feel and what you think. I can`t wait to hear. 🙂

Enjoy! Xo


1.) Start with the body. The Victoria’s Secret beauty regimen stands out because it’s head-to-toe. The result is bronzed bodies. Start by applying a gradual self-tanner with moisturizer on a daily basis. You can likely also apply a self-tanner with moisturizer on your face. However, some companies provide a separate product for just the face.

2.) Apply a shimmering body oil on the body. Not only does it provide an extra glow, but it also works to instantly cover up flaws.

3.) Use a leg-perfecting spray. This is a great way to get those flawless legs.

4.) Apply a spray or bronzing body dust to seal the deal. By using various products on the body, you’re ensuring a tan with depth and dimension. Another advantage is that you’re unlikely to miss a spot.



2 Comentários (+adicionar seu?)

  1. socialkenny
    dez 01, 2011 @ 18:31:01

    That flawless looking skin is fake.I guess it’s all make up and air brush.


    • jeswells
      dez 05, 2011 @ 08:48:06

      Yes i think so to. But but its hard to get mind keep a nice glow through the fall/winter months without tanning everyday and harming your body & skin specially fair and ivoy toned skin. That is why i put other options for you to have that without damageing yourself like a tanning bed. and still look sun-kissed. At home. 🙂 I think almost every woman likes a nice healthy looking glow. I dont like it being to pale myself. 🙂 and .. I think If you gotta or want to do it, just dont go over board with it.


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