Retro Hair

Epic buns, real volume and low pony tails, this all belongs to the sixties… At least it did!

But how to get all that volume of hair? Simple tricks are:

To get those curls, women in the 60’s washed their hair, and slept with curlers. Sometimes they even used Coke cans to do it! Since I find it a bit uncomfortable, the trick is to wash your hair, put on the curlers and use your hairdrier. To this effect, use the big curlers… the ones the size of a Coke can!

To give your hair volume, dry it a bit at the top of your head, pick up about a handful of lock, hold it up, and brush it from top to base. You’ll create volume out of your own hair, in case you don’t want to use acessories to do so. Don’t forget the hairspray, otherwise, be evening it will be flat again.

You can also get multiple effects depending on the size of your curlers, and the way you put them up. On both sides of your head, put 2 rows of curlers, with the curlers on vertical. On top of you head, put up 4 rows of curlers, on horizontal, way from your forehead to your neck. Dont’ forget to pin your curlers so they won’t fall.

Hope you guys had enjoy and see ya next tomorrow. 😀 Xoxo.


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