Healing Heels

Going out for the weekend? Don’t leave your heels at home because you’ll get tired of them or think they will hurt you at some point! Here are a few typs to stay comfortable in killer shoes.

1- When taking the train, bus, or any other public transportation, have in mind that you’ll have to climb up/down stairs, get on/off stations, walk, and jump gaps between train and plataform (yep, just listen to the lady on the speaker, you know she’s just a helping girl worried about you loosing your heels), so what I always do is I pick up my heels and go out wearing flats! There are easy and foldable ones you can buy at stores such as H&M, Zara, Forever21, and others. They’re called ‘ballet flats’, they fit in your purse, are cheap and look like this:

2- I carry around band-aids and these babies with me:

They are cushions for your feet, which means that they will protect your sensible areas against the impact or the fabric of the shoe. Don’t wait for the shoes to hurt you to put these on. I bet you already know the places you always have trouble with, so protect them! This way, on the next day you may be hungover, but with lovely feet.
3- Know when you can’t stay on the shoes any longer and switch back to the flats. If you go out dancing and start to feel pain, don’t suffer! Heels are beautiful, but flats look good and comfortable. Enjoy your evening.

4- When it’s cold, I make an exception of the ‘take flats with you’ advice.

Boots tend to be more comfortable, and their heels can be larger. Larger heels = more stability, and I can actually spend the whole evening on them.
5- There’s no five, I just want to show you guys my new “wish list” favorite of boots!  😀 Xoxo.   S.


4 Comentários (+adicionar seu?)

  1. Making Curtains
    dez 04, 2011 @ 13:58:55

    Well written post – makes a refreshing change from all the usual rubbish lots of so-called bloggers post on the topic.


  2. Sheyla
    dez 07, 2011 @ 17:28:48

    Great tips! When I was in college I always had flats in my car or in my bag (if it was big enough). Now with the Dr. Scholls flats it easier to put them in smaller bags. And I’m definitely getting those cushions!
    Take care 🙂


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