Tutorial: Fix the Wardrobe

Hey Guys,

Christmas is coming and with it is coming the time to give it away your old clothes. Every year I do it and the clothes that I don’t want I give to Charity. Doing that I don’t only find more space on my closet, I can make someone feel a bit better.

Did you ever had the time that you open your closet and you can see the clothes you tryed on all over the place? The hangers filled with things that were pulled badly bent and then reloaded?  All of this hinders your capacity to do you outfits. So here’s the first precious tip: Leave all your clothes in a way that you can see them, so you can make a larger number of combinations without forgetting that amazing handkerchief , you do not know where stuck.

Start:  take ALL of the wardrobe, that’s right, EVERYTHING. We can not speak “but it  is folded here!”, Take EVERYTHING.Now that your room is filled with clothes, for all sides, select.

Take all the clothes that no longer fit you, are stained or which were purchased at the time of FAIL fashion sense and donate it! Practise detachment and even help others, which makes the act of letting go a little easier.
ps: No excuses “But fashion pants ABG will return one day” or “But I’m going back to the gym and lose weight 35 kilos.”
Now you only have the clothes you’ll really use, split into categories: pants, blouses,skirts, jackets etc..
When all the clothes are divided, give them a space. Can be that shelf, ordrawer space in the stem. Tip number two: Try to hang as many clothes as you can on hangers, so become easier to access.
Remember: Everything that is not visible it is forgotten.
Never leave unused hangers , put them in a box at the bottom of the wardrobe, so whenever you buy that blouse and that comes without hanger, you know where to find one!
For shoes, always leave them in pairs, after having to take that pile of shoes from thewardrobe to find another pair and rip your new tights, sucks huh? ps: if you do not have crabs, use the space underneath the clothes shorter.
Now comes that basic questions: Why do my wardrobe only if I use it?
1 – Saving Time: Those precious morning minutes before going to work / study trying to find that blouse that you really want to wear today.
2 – Avoid forgotten items: We women, buy things every week. If items are not visible, they are most likely to be not remembered, right?
3 – Buy Smart: So you only purchase items that you don’t have, to avoid looking at two whitesilk shirts that look exactly, and the credit card bill at the same time.

Not to mention that when your closet is organized, you find the key pieces that you might have to use with almost all others.
See Ya!! Xoxo

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  1. renata
    dez 06, 2011 @ 11:57:14

    Excelente as dicas!! Adorooo…


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