Hey Guys,

Since the appearence of the trend in 2008, we have seen fabrics that iluminate the always present looks on the runway. Organza, tulle and liquid Jersey are the most common used fabrics to create that effect, which even though has been appearing in many items, should be regarded as only fitted for some.

This type of item is best used when incorporated as a way of accessorize, and not reveal underwear or too many parts of your body. If so, it stops being a plus and becomes vulgar. So, we say overlayers!

If there’s anyone who likes to use and abuse of transparency and can be used as a good example is the lovely and always well dressed Emma Watson.

Layers of transparent fabric are great for social events, but look for all occasions can use this item’s charm.

Now we have seen some good examples of how to wear, how about some examples of how NOT to wear? Careful so you don’t turn your transparent look against you.

Nipples out, everything out? Don’t think it’s chic. Xoxo   S.


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