Skin Type (Part 1)

Let’s talk about SKIN..

Hi Girls,

I’ve noticed that a lot of girls don’t seem to know what skin type they have and don’t often dress according to what suits them best, making them look washed out, pale and stressed.

Don’t know what skin type you have? Let me help you out then… 

Compare your skin to one of the following celebs to find out what skin type you have!

Pale/Soft/Fair Skin Type

Medium/Golden/Rosy (Ruddy) Skin Type

(Quick tip: If you’re still not sure if you’re between pale and medium, check your veins in your arms while in natural light. If the veins look blue, you are in the fair/pale catagory, if they look green, you’re in the medium/golden catagory.)

Deep/Olive/Light Brown Skin Type

Rich/Dark Brown/Chocolate Skin Type

 Alhough these girls all have different skin, there are 4 catagories you can place them in when it comes to Skin Types. This way you can colour coordinate from your wardrobe to your hair colour to the type of skin that you have.

Up next will be Hair Colour Tip.. What hair colour will look good for your skin type.  Xoxo.  S.


5 Comentários (+adicionar seu?)

  1. Kajsa Josephine
    dez 08, 2011 @ 14:18:11

    Thanks for liking my most recent post! It took a great of courage to write about the topic!

    I like your post too! Proves that women are beautiful no matter what color they have!


  2. Janan
    dez 08, 2011 @ 15:51:57

    Nice post! Makes a nice quick visual for understanding your skin type. I’m a number one who always wished she were a two.


  3. jess
    dez 09, 2011 @ 08:19:43

    I haven’t ever been able to figure out what my skin type is until now – thank you! Ah, Janan, I am a number two who has always wished I were a number 1 😉

    I would adore it and be beyond grateful if you would create a post about the many different kinds of face shapes that exist as well (and correspondingly happy hair cuts for those face shapes) – still haven’t figured that one out either…if you’ve already done that, please forgive my stupidity – I tried searching your site but didn’t find it.


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