Skin Type (Part 3)

Clothing and Makeup that suits your skin type

Hey guys, Today is time to talk about Clothing and Makeup that suits your skin type. Enjoy!! 😀

Pale/Soft/Fair Skin Type:


Light and summery colours work well for your skin type, stay away from blacks and maybe opt for light grey and neutral browns and beiges instead.


Rosy pinks, baby blues and neautral colours suit your skin type best when it comes to makeup. Stay away from anything dramatic or bright as it contrasts with your skin.

Medium/Golden/Rosy (Ruddy) Skin Type:


Your skin type is the best to work with and almost any colour works on you. Try to stay away from faded colours and opt for the brightest and most colourful. Blacks are a no-go.


Bold, neutral, colourful or dramatic. Everything looks good on you. Just try to stay away from anything too light.

Deep/Olive/Light Brown Skin Type:


Bright colours and earthy browns look best on you. You can pull black off like a pro and white looks amazing. Stay away from yellows, faded greens and faded oranges though.


Browns, reds, plums and greys look best on you and will accentuate your skin tone best. Stay away from bold summery, bright or light colours like white or baby pink.

Rich/Dark Brown/Chocolate Skin Type:


In the clothing department you can pull anything off, from bright yellow to black. Every colour suits your skin type, but try to stay away from mustardy colours.


Dark reds, browns, plums and greys look amazing on you, stay away from any bright or bright coloured makeup.

Did you guys like todays tips?? Tomorrow i have more. The last post of our cycle of skin type (Skin Type Makeup Do’s and Dont’s). See ya. Xoxo. S.


4 Comentários (+adicionar seu?)

  1. Tara
    dez 10, 2011 @ 15:47:36

    Great tips… i think it makes such a different when people wear colours that suit their skin tone!


  2. princesagr
    dez 10, 2011 @ 18:28:54

    Great! I am NC20, but I have green eyes and dark brown hair. Blue is not really flattering in cosmetics for me, but purple instead does the job .
    Nice tips..


  3. jess
    dez 11, 2011 @ 17:46:53

    So true about the bold and dramatic cosmetics – I’ve also got full lips, high cheekbones, big almond-shaped eyes, and an unfortunately small forehead, so I find that less than at least somewhat dramatic make-up looks awkward with my crazy features.

    But…I cannot wear bright yellow clothes. I was totally with you up until I thought of that 😉


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