Lipgloss or Lipstick??

For me, lipstick and lipgloss can not miss in necessaire, spent much time in my life using gloss flavored fruit, carrying inside the case and I confess that today relies heavily on occasion, but without doubt, the lipsticks is my darling. Of course not dispense with the lipgloss, I think super cute, so I decided to come here knowing what you prefer, lipgloss or lipstick?

The lipgloss gives more volume to the lips, wet-looking leaves, often has shimmer, smells better than lipstick and is muuito easier to pass, but he has a short life, some people find it too messy, and the color most often are not as striking as the lipstick, it is also ideal for anyone who wants a simple makeup.

The lipstick has a much longer duration, colors, well pigmented, has more hydration, leaves the mouth sequinha, comes with some lip balm, but it is more difficult to pass, have to be more careful since it draws more attention and is ideal for want a more sophisticated production.

So Gloss or Lipstick??


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