Lipgloss or Lipstick??

For me, lipstick and lipgloss can not miss in necessaire, spent much time in my life using gloss flavored fruit, carrying inside the case and I confess that today relies heavily on occasion, but without doubt, the lipsticks is my darling. Of course not dispense with the lipgloss, I think super cute, so I decided to come here knowing what you prefer, lipgloss or lipstick?

The lipgloss gives more volume to the lips, wet-looking leaves, often has shimmer, smells better than lipstick and is muuito easier to pass, but he has a short life, some people find it too messy, and the color most often are not as striking as the lipstick, it is also ideal for anyone who wants a simple makeup.

The lipstick has a much longer duration, colors, well pigmented, has more hydration, leaves the mouth sequinha, comes with some lip balm, but it is more difficult to pass, have to be more careful since it draws more attention and is ideal for want a more sophisticated production.

So Gloss or Lipstick??


What to bring on vacation?

Quem nunca teve dúvidas sobre o que levar em uma viagem né? Seja para a praia, ou para aquela tia chata que nos obrigam a visitar, então resolvi falar o básico para que você tenha uma viagem agradável sem ter que levar um milhão de malas em que você vai acabar não usando metade das coisas.

Primeiro de tudo você tem que ver bem o lugar que vai, eu gosto de pesquisar na internet como vai estar o tempo nos próximos dias, e os lugares que essa cidade pode proporcionar.
1. Beauty products: Always take with you (in summer), sunscreen, regardless that your trip is for the beach or not, makeup remover, and a necessarie with the makeup being used, but try not to take anything too big as these shadows and palettes things. I think the basics would be the primer, base, powder, blush, mascara, pencils, eyeliner and a duo of small shadows or those kitizinhos know? No use taking muuuita thing, because like it or not we always bring a little something more on the trip bought it? Do not forget deodorant, shampoo, conditioner and hair products to protect this heat have you done lately, because no one wants his hair ruined after the holidays.
2. Clothing: My problem is that I love to take clothes that I never used because I think there’ll use, it never works, because besides taking up space I do not use at all. Take the key depending on the day that will go away is the ideal, and summer dresses, bikini, shorts and t-shirts are always welcome. (I will not stipulate an amount because everything depends on you, the days will pass out and the amount of times he likes to exchange).
3. Shoes: Who i never wanted to take a lot of shoes because they prefer to choose the time? The only problem is that shoe occupies too much space, so I always like to take some in black (basic), a sandal, slipper and a shoe or rasteirinha.
4. Accessories: sunglasses, hat and your favorite jewelry without overdoing it ok?
So Anyone is going on a trip?? XOXO S.


Hey Guys,

Did you ever wonder why your mascaras come with different types of lashes? Wonder what it meant? Well, I did and the answers came to me on the website Personally, I’m a huge fan of Rimmel Sexy Curves, which has a rubber brush, because I can’t stand mascara clumps or smudges! So, are you like me in that way? Check out the different mascara brush types you get below and let me know…

Curved Mascara Brush Types – cause the lash to curl and lift. Proper application is done by moving the brush with the mascara from the outer lash to the inner lash, while sweeping the curved brush slowly from the root to the tip of the lashes. The curved mascara brush types strive for smudge-proof lashes that are visually stunning.

Lash Comb Mascara Brush Types – cause adefined separation for your lashes that look thick at the base and have sun-like rays toward the end. Using the lash comb types of mascara brushes, comb your lashes from root to tip. By doing this, a very daring and open-eyed lash curl is then achieved through these types of mascara brushes.

Mascara Brush Types with Rubber Bristles– aim to layer individual lashes evenly, even the areas of your eyes that are hard to reach by normal brush types of mascaras. The rubber bristles create eyelashes that look as if each one is uniformly separated from the other without having clumps, smudges or smears.When using mascara brush types with rubber bristles, the coat should be applied only once, from root to tip.

Flexible Mascara Brush Types – allow the brush to move freely and reach the root of the lashes deeper than conventional mascara brush types.

Oh and just as a side tip – change your mascara every 3 months and don’t poke your eye with your brush as some of the worst eye infections come from mascara brushes!

Men vs. Women Expending

Hey Guys, is a site that uses anonymized spending data from 20 million Visa and Mastercard users, tracked how single men and women spent in 10 categories over the course of six months (Oct. 2010 to March 2011).
To my surprise, men spend more than women on just about everything, including dining out, travel and electronics but they can not compete with us on clothing, shoes and other wear category. At the end we always win! Xo. S.

Ideas for Christmas Table Decoration

Hello Cuties,

Whether you are decorating for Christmas dinner or a Christmas party, here are some ideas for decorating your dining table. Enjoy!! 🙂

Beribboned Setting

Christmas red and green get a fresh look when layered with crisp whites. Tartan plaid table runners make a stark white tablecloth more playful, while silky ribbon tied to the back of each chair adds decoration and holiday color to the entire setting.

Green is a Natural

During the holidays, the color green is frequently teamed with red. But green alone can be just as pretty. Combined with white china and gold-rimmed goblets, green plates used as chargers look elegant on this holiday table.

A Country Christmas

Table runners placed perpendicular across a table dress up a white tablecloth for the holidays. Red vases and greenery make a simple centerpiece, and bows with holiday ornaments attached make easy chair decorations.

Small Table, Big Style

A small gathering is the ideal place to pull out an alternative holiday color, such as the fuchsia napkins and Christmas balls shown here. Twelve place settings of the bright color could be overwhelming, but here, it’s just right.

Formal Coordination

If a formal holiday meal is your cup of tea, go all out by coordinating fabrics for the table runners, napkins, and chair decorations. Then, continue the scheme by attaching small flowers in your star color to a candelabra for an elegant centerpiece.

Traditional Whites

White and red is a classic Christmas combination, so you can’t go wrong by pairing white candlesticks with red tapers and fresh greenery for an impressive centerpiece on a traditional dining table.

White Wonderland

Nothing looks more elegant than white, so layer white on white for a truly sophisticated setting. A silver centerpiece sparkles against the white flowers, clear glasses, and white dishware, while one splash of color — light blue — makes a contemporary appearance in a strip of ribbon down the center of the table.

Luxurious Touches

A vision in pink, this table showcases vintage china, gold-rim glassware, and rosy Depression-era goblets. Garlands of silver tinsel and beads drape the mantel, where damask wallpaper covers the firebox opening.

Colors that Complement

Say goodbye to traditional red and green and decorate in colors that complement your room. Dress the table with cookies and miniature bottlebrush trees, and hang ornaments from the chandelier. Continue the look on the tree with gumdrop branches and cookie ornaments. Get a closer look at the coordinating centerpiece in the next slide.

Edible Centerpiece

Almost too pretty to eat, this centerpiece features a winter landscape of bottlebrush trees with adorable cookie animals. More iced cookies, glass stars, and miniature ball ornaments cascade from the glass chandelier.
Contemporary Tabletop

Crisp white runners topped by place mats in green add dimension to contemporary furnishings. Sew two linen runners, trim the ends with twinkling buttons, and arrange them across one another on the table. Take a closer look at the place settings in the next slide.

Layers of Luxury

For a sleek place setting, stack square white dishes on gorgeous-in-green place mats. Wrap chocolate-brown napkins in lime velvet ribbon threaded through rhinestone buckles.

Indigo Elegance

Simply adorned for the holidays, this dining room features a white-painted antique breakfront that showcases blue-and-white porcelain. Comfortable chairs upholstered with indigo-blue mohair surround a circular pedestal table adorned with a white-twig centerpiece and tall silver candlesticks.

Merry Mustard

The color mustard is a warm backdrop for the rich greens and reds of natural decorations. Mustard-and-ivory toile drapery and pale mustard wallpaper lets evergreens, amaryllis, and poinsettias take center stage.

Gleaming Silver on Green

Gleaming silver sparkles against a sage-green damask cloth topped with red place mats. Red roses, small wreaths at the windows, and a greenery-bedecked chandelier complete the elegant setting.

Chocolate Table

This chocolate-brown table welcomes guests to a holiday dinner. White china and clear glasses pop against the rich tone of the table.

Golden Gifts

The yellow undertone of the glasses, silverware, and plates sets an inviting tone for dinner. Small gifts wrapped in gold ribbon rest at the center of each plate awaiting guests.

Vintage White

This vintage white table accented with pink and purple flowers, candles, ribbon, and ornaments is ready for hungry guests.

What you guys think?? Isnt it them all adorable.. I wanna to them all.. haha
What was your favorite??
Xoxo S.

Christmas Table Tips

Hey Everyone.

Christmas Dinner is probably the most significant meal of the year, it is a great time to get together and share a meal with friends and family. The dinner table is the focal point around which these festivities take place, so dressing it well is very important.

If you’re hosting Christmas Dinner this year, here are some nice table tips that will help you set the scene.


The foundation of any nice table setting is the tablecloth. It won’t look great by the end of the dinner (all that spilt wine and gravy does tend to ruin its pristine, ironed finery), but it’s the canvas on which you can create a splendid table. A white tablecloth is probably the most traditional.


Christmas has always been the time to get out your best china. If your plates are looking a little chipped and rough around the edges, you may want look for a new dinner set before Christmas starts.


Nice cutlery makes eating that much more enjoyable. Silver is traditional for Christmas.


Be it a bowl of fruit, a vase of flowers, or a piece of art glass, every Christmas table should have a centrepiece. Antiques shops are great places to pick up vases, bowls and art glass. Pick some flowers from your garden, or get some on Christmas Eve from your local florist for a flower arrangement that will wow the guests.


Hope you guys enjoy and make a wonderful Christmas table.. Next i’ll be showing some ideas for you Chritsmas table aswell. Xoxo   S.

Out of ideas?

How are you guys doing today? It’s getting really close to the holidays and so I got some pictures to show you how to have an amazing hairstyle for those special dates, all of them its very easy to make so you wont have any trouble to make. I hope you guys liked some of the ideas i’m giving to you and let me know if you have any questions or if you wish something to know. xoxo S.

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